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Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

Facing the requirements of large order specifications, small quantity and fast delivery, we must improve the production management level of corrugated paperboard production line by improving the automation of corrugated paperboard production line, so as to improve quality, improve efficiency, save energy, save manpower, reduce consumables and reduce waste products.

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Flexographic Printing Production Line

We have a complete set of automatic flexographic printing production line.

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1200x2400mm 5-color slotting printing press

Offset Printing Workshop

We have a number of advanced offset printing machines, which can meet the paper printing of various formats.

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German Roland 1300mx1850mm 5-color Offset Press

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Simultaneous Operation of Multiple Offset Presses

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LITHRONE G40 Environmental Friendly Offset Press

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Paper Separator

Gift Box Production Workshop

The production process of gift box is fully automated, and its production efficiency is more than 50 times that of manual.